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Web Design Showcase

I work with a team of programmers and graphic designers in order to deliver a website experience that meets the target audience. Primarily focused on utilizing a website builder to allow easy access and modification, we also couple with HTML & Java applets for  additional customizability. A couple websites we've designed (some may be down due to usage as event pages) :

Taylor's ADP 

Taylor's College Model United Nations (TAYMUN)

This was also a website redone. The original website is linked here.  We wanted to make the information and documents needed for the event as accessible as possible. We created a page just for the delegations involved in the website. We worked over just 1 week from ideas, do designs, to de-bugging. 

Unsung Tales of KL

This was an original website we designed for a personal project of mine. We started by looking for a piece to welcome people home, the time lapse featured here was perfect as the theme of the website was to write about unsung stories within Kuala Lumpur. Images were specially curated for the purpose of conveying the message.

All images and videos are original work.

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